Snapple Media Plan

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 4.52.03 PMView a quick preview of my team’s channel planning media strategy:

“This media plan reaches Snapple’s target audiences in the most efficient and effective way. By engaging with its audience, Snapple will develop a larger and more passionate following. By increasing awareness more thoroughly around the U.S., Snapple will reach Top-of-Mind awareness at a quicker and more powerful rate. This campaign focuses its advertising efforts during the warmer seasons. There is a drop in sales that correlates with the drop in temperature because consumers are less likely to purchase refrigerated beverages in colder months; therefore, the budget will not be applied for winter months. As the digital realm is increasing, tracking media habits become harder. In order for Snapple to stay relevant, continual research on trends and media habits is mandatory.”

Click the link below to view the entire media plan:

Snapple Media Plan

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